September 2021

In this issue: President Katie Haggath provides more information on ConferenceLite and we encourage you to be Slack without slacking. We chat to Kylee Gray from Unison about her work and give you further insights into the concept of onboarding in What’s the evidence? We also peek into the daily life of technical communicators and show you some hot tips on working with Microsoft Teams, free video editing software, and issues around content reuse in Let's tech communicate.

From the President

President Katie Haggath outlines what's ahead for TechCommNZ members in the next couple of months including ConferenceLite - our mini one-day conference, and the AGM. And yes, that includes a call out for new board members if you're keen to contribute to the tech comm community!

27 August 2021 |

Everything you need to know about ConferenceLite

We’ve decided this year to hold ConferenceLite: a one-day, NZ-only, mini-conference in Christchurch. It will have all the best bits of a full conference – networking, speakers, lunch and the AGM – just a fraction of the time and cost!

27 August 2021 |

We want you to be Slack .....seriously

Nope, we’re not talking about how much effort you’ve been putting into work or hobbies lately. We’re talking about talking to us – on Slack!

27 August 2021 |

Featured Tech Communicator: Kylee Gray - Unison

In May this year, Kylee Gray, a technical communicator with Unison in Hawkes Bay, came along to our Wellington branch event. Kylee was delighted to find other members (including the presenter) that she could compare notes with over tools and experiences they share. And we were delighted to have such a keen and interesting member turn up - a perfect candidate for this column! Megan Bennett caught up with Kylee to find out more.

27 August 2021 |

What's the evidence? Does user onboarding work?

You get a new app and all these tips pop up. Do people engage with this stuff? Is it useful?

As far as I can tell, the jury’s still out on this. There’s research and plenty of advice, but no convincing evidence.

27 August 2021 |

Let's tech communicate

This month: Ever wondered what our fellow tech communicators do all day? Read the case studies and see. Get some tips for improving your Microsoft Teams posting efforts. Check out Techradar’s picks for best free editing software for 2021 — plus advice for amateurs to experts. And find out how to reuse content successfully.

27 August 2021 |

Notice of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2021

Members are invited to attend the TechCommNZ annual general meeting, which will be held at Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Christchurch at 1:00pm on Sunday 7 November 2021.

We will also have an option to join virtually.

31 August 2021 |

Remits proposed by the TechCommNZ board for 2021

Read the proposed changes to the TechCommNZ Constitution.

01 September 2021 |