Single source

The following tools are used primarily for creating or importing documentation content once, maintaining it in a single location, and publishing it to print, intranet, websites, help systems, and other media. See also Online help tools.

Name Description

New Zealand-based Author-it is a powerful, single-source authoring and content management tool. Author-it provides a multi-user environment with full control of security, standards, versioning, document release, and integrated project management.

MadCap Flare
Save time by using advanced topic-based authoring features that allow for maximum content reuse and publishing to multiple deliverables and outputs. Use Flare not only to publish to multiple devices and platforms, but to re-purpose your content for multiple audiences and purposes.
Single source images with MadCap Capture, which is bundled free with Flare.
Content changes are made universally from a single source and updated across projects for consistent, accurate documentation. Authors can focus on creating content instead of constantly formatting and reformatting. Projects and content are accurate and consistent across multiple deliverables and completed faster with far less content duplication.
Quadralay WebWorks Publisher

Single-source publishing tool for Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and DITA.


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