TechCommNZ Webinar: Short and sweet - how to tighten your writing

In a world that delivers a constant stream of ideas, facts, opinions and distractions, it is vital to convey our message quickly and effectively. Kylie Weaver will cover some techniques to help you cull both words and syllables from your writing to make it even more succinct and engaging.

Learning outcomes

Kylie will cover:

  • 7 common problems that contribute to 'heavy' writing
  • 6 reasons why writing succinctly is hard
  • 9 techniques to lighten your writing.

Date and time

The webinar will be held on Friday 14 February 2020 from 11:00am - Noon NZDT, (09:00am - 10:00 am AEDT)

Note: If you are unable to join us on the day, don't worry. A recording of the webinar and related information will be available to download from our website within a couple of days.


The costs for this webinar are:

  • TechCommNZ members - $30 plus GST
  • TechCommNZ student members - free
  • Affiliate members incl ASTC and NZATD - $50 plus GST
  • Non-members - $150 plus GST. Sign up as a member and, once approved, you can register at member rates.

Please register through the website so that we can send you details about accessing the webinar session.

About the presenter

Kylie is passionate about good writing and loves giving professionals the skills to write confidently and effectively. She believes that words build relationships and communicate ideas. but they also have a cost: they take time to write and time to read or listen to. And if a piece of writing, even an email, cannot be discarded immediately, then it costs money to decide how to store and manage it. This means that all writing created in a professional context should be both necessary and easy to understand. Clearly, we cannot do away with words altogether-and who would want to? Words help us collaborate, celebrate and challenge each other; they help us strengthen relationships and share information. But words also have the potential to cause delays, misunderstandings and conflict. Therefore, using words effectively and with integrity is critical for every organisation.

Kylie has an honours degree in English Literature from Monash University and over 20 years' experience as a technical communicator, business analyst and project manager in both waterfall and Agile environments. Kylie spent seven years lecturing at Swinburne University in the Graduate Diploma of Technical Communication degree and enjoys training and presenting. Kylie has experience in IT, finance, insurance, banking, education, telecommunications, retail and government sectors. She has recently started her own company, Clearly Focused, which provides training, coaching and consulting to help organisations add to their communication and collaboration toolkits.

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