TechCommNZ Webinar - Introduction to API Technical Writing

Session overview

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Developers use APIs to make apps that communicate with other apps and software/hardware components. API technical writers create documentation that helps developers hook their apps up to someone else’s API.

APIs are a hot topic in our field, and technical writers with the skills to document them are in high demand. Many technical writers are keen to know more about the role, but it can be hard to find information. Sometimes there’s so much information that it’s difficult to know where to start. The aim of this webinar is to give you a good idea of the role of API technical writer, and some excellent starting points to explore the world of APIs.

The session covers the following topics:

  • What an API is and does.
  • Introduction to the role of API technical writer and our audience.
  • Overview of the types of developer products we may be asked to document – APIs and others.
  • Types of APIs, including REST APIs, other web services, library-based APIs like JavaScript, and more.
  • A couple of live demos of APIs that you can play with at home: a JavaScript API and a REST API.
  • Examples of good API documentation.
  • The components of API documentation, and the technical writer’s role in the creation of each component.
  • A day in the life of an API technical writer.
  • Tips on getting started in the role.

Date and Time

The webinar will be held on Friday 19th June from 11:00 am-12:00 noon NZ time.

We always record our webinars, and if you've registered to participate, you can log into our website once the recording has been made available and watch it at your convenience. This usually occurs within a week of the webinar being run.


The costs for this webinar are:

  • TechCommNZ members (and affiliates: TWIA, NZATD, PRINZ) - $30 +GST
  • TechCommNZ student members - $20 +GST
  • Non-members - $60 +GST

About Sarah Maddox

Image of Sarah Maddox

Sarah Maddox is a technical writer at Google, focusing on Google Maps APIs and Google Places APIs. With 15 years’ experience in technical communication and 10 as a software developer, she’s a specialist in making words and code play nicely together. She also has a strong belief that chocolate solves many a tech comm problem.


Twitter: @sarahmaddox

Google+: +sarahmaddox

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