Past Events

289TechCommNZ Webinar: Planning, creating and delivering better presentations20/11/202011:00AMWebinar  
299Christchurch Branch Event: Christmas Breakfast at Café Colombia15/12/202007:30AMBranch EventChristchurch Edit
301Information Mapping Workshop08/03/202109:00AMWorkshop  
302Christchurch Branch Event: Meet New President, Katie Haggath09/03/202105:30PMBranch EventChristchurch 
303Auckland Branch Event - Meet New President, Katie Haggath09/03/202105:30PMBranch EventAuckland 
305Welington Branch Event - Meet new President, Katie Haggath09/03/202105:30PMBranch EventWellington 
306Christchurch Branch Event: TC Careers - Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies20/04/202105:30PMBranch EventChristchurch 
308TechCommNZ Webinar - Six principles that make your content better immediately05/05/202111:00AMWebinar  
309Wellington Branch Event - Tech Comm in the New Zealand Defence Force13/05/202105:30PMBranch EventWellington 
312Christchurch Branch Event: Password Tune-up for Ordinary Mortals22/06/202105:30PMBranch EventChristchurch 
307NZATD Virtual Conference 202123/06/202109:00AMConference  
311Auckland Branch Event - A survival guide to managing change with technical experts24/06/202105:30PMBranch EventAuckland 
313Christchurch Branch Event: Lessons from software developers and other stories27/07/202105:30PMBranch EventChristchurch Edit
310TechCommNZ Webinar - How to embed a culture of clear writing in your business13/08/202111:00AMWebinar  
314ASTC Conference 202112/10/202103:00PMConference  
3152021 Plain English Awards Ceremony14/10/202111:00AM Wellington 
316TechCommNZ Webinar: Building accessibility into your daily work25/11/202111:00AMWebinar  
317Christchurch Branch Event - Christchurch Branch Christmas Breakfast16/12/202107:30AMBranch EventChristchurch 
318TechCommNZ Webinar - Deconstructing Presentations11/08/202211:00AMWebinar  
337TechCommNZ (Re)Connect at Conference 202213/10/202209:00AMConference