June 2021

'Kia ora - Hello'.

In this issue: President Katie Haggath fills us in on ConferenceLite, student outreach, ITX Conference and Awards, and a strategy plan update. Cool stuff about words is our new column where we'll bring you ... exactly that! We chat to Letitia Morrison from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency about her work, give you 10 reasons to enter the Plain English Awards, and offer insightful articles on respectful UX writing, virtual and augmented reality, and Slido (online tool) in Let's tech communicate.

From the President

Katie Haggath lets us know what's in the pipeline for TechCommNZ – from ConferenceLite to the Plain English Awards, to student outreach and steps towards our 5-year strategy plan and its goals.


Featured Tech Communicator: Letitia Morrison - Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

When you’re next filling out your motor vehicle rego form, thank Letitia Morrison for how easy this process is! Letitia is a Publishing Advisor – Operational for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. She spoke with Megan Bennett recently about her role and the work she and her colleagues are doing to help us all be safe and responsible on our roads.


Cool stuff about words

This month: te reo Māori pronunciation made easy, podcast recommendations, and where to find a whole bunch of new or updated words to add to your dictionary.


TechCommNZ's 10 reasons to enter the Plain English Awards

Thinking of entering the Plain English Awards? Watch our video to see 10 reasons why we think it’s a cracker idea! But be quick – entries close 31 July 2021. And check out a possible 11th reason to enter, which has something to do with ... Australia!


Let's tech communicate

This month: When Tech Comm meets Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – what’s the latest? Digital content peeps, we’ve got an article you’ll find useful (although handy for all writing) with thought-provoking examples and tips on how to write more respectful UX content. And getting feedback from a live audience has never been easier with Slido! Peter Nock reviews this handy tool.