March 2019

From the President

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, or if you had to work, that it was a productive time of year for you!

2019's going to be a really exciting year for TechCommNZ! I hope you can join us in some of the exciting events we have planned. We have a good schedule of webinars and workshops this year, and of course our conference in October. Remember to block those dates in your calendar and start talking to your boss about getting this in the training budget.


What's the evidence? How much do we read on our phones?

Alas, despite trawling through screeds of articles and reports, I don't know how much users read on their phones. I can't tell you that typical mobile phone users spend X min a day or Y per cent of their time reading.

But hey, don't go! Let me explain why I don't have an answer (it depends what you call reading) and make it up to you with other interesting, related findings. Tell you what: I'll even mention sex, love, and Kamasutra. (Don't worry if you're at work it's safe to keep reading.)


Join us at Conference 2019

The 2019 TechCommNZ Conference (Tauranga October 16-18) is the premier event for New Zealand Technical Communicators, content developers and information designers. This year our conference is all about creating sustainable content and a sustainable profession and career.

We're now calling for presenters to share their collaboration experiences, success stories, and lessons learned. If you've got something to contribute, we'd be thrilled to hear from you.


Life in a very small business

Sarah Maclean is a freelance business, professional and technical editor based in the Wellington area, New Zealand. She generously agreed to write for TechCommWire last year, after the success of her webinar with Harriet Kay:Seeing our way - Accessibility for the web and print.

Self-employment is on the rise as more and more people are lured by the prospect of working from home. Sarah brings us the run down on what it's really like working for yourself in our industry.


Let's Tech Communicate

In this month's Let's Tech Communicate, we bring you tips for your hour-long presentation (hint hint hint), turn your preconceived notions on their heads again and check out why old-fashioned doesn't always mean out-of-date.