April 2018

This month, Meredith offers you a short round-up of Board news and other events, including TechComm's newest award, Grant puts the tech in tech comms with Guardian Smarticles, BBC Bots, and product content in the brave new world of cognitive technology, and we introduce Janetta Vacherand. She explains what SaaS (pronounced sass) is, and shares some tips on writing for SaaS. Lastly, earlybird tickets are on sale now for ITx 2018 - so get in quick!

From the President

Welcome to April! I know it’s a cliché but the year really is flying by. My bullet journal is up to page 109 and I’ve managed three months of journaling, so I feel like it’s here to stay. It helps that my work colleagues recognise my love of nice notebooks, and save them up for me! I’ve got a lovely orange one waiting in the wings for when I finish the current one.

Did you enjoy my BLUF style (bottom line up front) report last month? I certainly enjoyed writing it that way! But this month it’s just a short round-up of Board news and other events...


How to write documentation for SaaS

Janetta Vacherand is a technical writer based in Auckland. She explains what SaaS is, and shares some tips on how to write good documentation for SaaS. If you’re not writing for the software industry, you might not have heard of SaaS (pronounced sass). It stands for Software as a Service.


Let's Tech Communicate

This month we consider Guardian Smarticles, BBC Bots, and product content in the brave new world of cognitive technology. Marcia Riefer Johnston explains that You know you’re a technical communicator when… And finally, Kathleen Ann Hurley’s PhD dissertation lances that suppurating sore of academia – the limited attention given to humour in technical communication study.


Get your Earlybird tickets for ITx 2018

ITx 2018 offers you more than 150 talks and presentations from New Zealand's leading experts in all areas of digital tech. In the past, TechCommNZ has had a booth for the three-day event, but this year we’re excited to step up our involvement and run a one-day conference stream on lucky Friday 13 no less!

Earlybird tickets are available now. You can get one-day, two-day, or three-day tickets, so whether you want the full experience or just to take in the TechComm stream, you can enjoy ITx!


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