The Future of Tech Communications

The material presented on this page provides some insight into the possible futures for the technical communication industry.

Adobe discusses the future of Tech Comms

As a leading force in the tech comms field, Adobe have some clear views on the present and future of technical communication (2:31, YouTube).

Emily Cotlier presents Writers UA

Former TechCommNZ Vice President, Emily Cotlier visited the Writers UA 2011 conference in Long Beach, California.

Emily has given the following presentation on the conference at branch meetings in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. The last slide in the presentation contains links to a number of useful online resources.

Presentation slides (1.2Mb, PDF)

Interview with Matthew Ellison

Online development and training specialist Matthew Ellison visited New Zealand in May 2010 to present a series of training workshops on developing video-based training. Just before his first workshop, he found time to speak with Steve Moss (a former TechCommNZ President) about a range of issues currently affecting technical communicators with a focus on trends, tools and techniques.

Transcript of interview (PDF)