Business Partner Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to business partners of TechCommNZ. To find out about the benefits of becoming a business partner, see Business Partners.

General access

  • TechCommNZ email lists are not available directly to business partners. TechCommNZ will maintain contact lists for each business partner, which members can choose to subscribe to if they wish.
  • As corporate members of TechCommNZ, business partners qualify for member rates for TechCommNZ events and have access to the Member area of the TechCommNZ website.

Web page on TechCommNZ website

  • Your page will be formatted using the standard styles and colours of the TechCommNZ website.
  • You may include your company logo and links to your company website and up to 1000 words on your page, but TechCommNZ reserves the right to edit your text for clarity. Please supply your logo as a high resolution .jpg or .png, preferably with transparency.
  • Once your web page is set up and published, we will update it for you with any changes or additions you require on an "as required" basis.

Email messages

As part of our services for the business partner package you have chosen, we will send out emails for you to the contact list set up for your company's email notices.

  • All emails will be formatted using the standard styles and colours provided by the TechCommNZ email system.
  • In each email, you may include plain text, your company logo and links to products or services on your website.
  • To minimise the work required to set up each email, please provide the email content to us in the simplest format possible.

TechCommNZ Business Partner logo

  • We will supply you with a high resolution "TechCommNZ Partner" logo for use on your promotional material.

Subscription payment details

  • One year subscriptions cover a period from 1st July to 30 June in any given year, but must be bought in minimum periods of two years (so that every subscription includes a conference year and a non-conference year).
  • For new partners joining the scheme, subscriptions are pro-rated in monthly blocks. This means, for example,that if you join half-way through the year (start of January to end of March), you pay three-quarters the biennial subscription fee for the package you have chosen.
  • TechCommNZ must receive full payment of the business partner subscription before any services are provided.
  • Subscription renewal notices will be sent out in May and June and must be paid before 30th June.

Contact us to join the programme

To become a business partner of TechCommNZ, please complete a short form providing us with your details and the level of business partnership for which you wish to apply.

Note: TechCommNZ email lists are not available directly to business partners.