Corel PaintShop Pro


Windows-based bitmap graphics editor for digital camera buffs and home and small-office users. Originally produced by Jasc Software, bought by Corel in 2004, useful for:

  • Digital camera touch-ups

General image editing Strengths

  • Very affordable
  • Good documentation
  • Built-in Learning Centre
  • Smart Photo Fix analyzes your photo and makes suggested corrections
  • Faster startup time, the ability to work faster on large photos, and near-instant undo and redo
  • Makeover Tools
  • 16-bit editing, the ability to work with raw files, save out to CMYK
  • Color management and screen calibrations options
  • One-click Red-eye removal
  • Includes: Photo Album 6 - Standard Edition, two hours of video tutorials, complete Raw workflow package
  • Over 500 different Special Effects ad new Picture Tubes
  • Object Remover makes it easy to remove unwanted or difficult to clone portions of images and fills
  • One-Step Purple Fringe Fix removes the purple glow surrounding the edges of people and objects
  • High Pass Filter
  • Black and White Conversion and Black and White Infrared Conversion filters
  • One-Step Noise Fix removes digital camera noise or excess graininess
  • Layers Palette provides thumbnail views of each image layer, making it easier to use and understand
  • History palette, which tracks the actions you perform on the active image
  • Mixer palette, which emulates the color-mixing mechanics of a real brush and palette
  • Automatic Color Balance filter has a slider to adjust for lighting temperature


  • Scripts are difficult to edit
  • No CMYK support
  • No panorama-stitching function
  • Flash Fill and Backlighting filters
  • Complicated menu system
  • Heavy memory usage
  • Not great for absolute beginners.