Thinking visually: core diagrams for thinking, writing and communicating

In this free webinar, Dr Daniel Moody introduces some key concepts behind his presentations at the TechCommNZ 2014 Conference.

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From the beginning of civilisation, people have scratched pictures in the dirt to try to understand, communicate and reason about things. The reason is that pictures are incredibly powerful thinking tools. We can process pictures much faster than text (around 9 times faster), they get our attention (“the picture memorability effect”) and improve retention of material (if information is delivered verbally, people will remember about 10% after 3 days, which goes up to 65% if you add a picture).

While text supports linear (one dimensional) thinking, diagrams support spatial (two dimensional) thinking: for this reason, diagrams literally add another dimension to thought and can “turbocharge” our problem solving ability. Yet, visual literacy skills are notably absent from our education. Our formal education system deals exclusively with words and numbers: verbal and mathematical skills. There is no place for graphics in the “3 Rs” (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic).

Graphics skills are normally consigned to art classes, which is a misunderstanding of their primary role in the modern world: as communication and thinking tools. As a result, most people are “visually illiterate”. This presentation describes 7 core diagrams that can be used to improve the effectiveness and impact of communication. It explains how to read each type of diagram, how to construct them, how to choose the right diagram to convey your message and how to determine whether a diagram is appropriate at all.


This webinar will be of interest to anyone who needs to make effective use of images in their documents.


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Title: Thinking visually: core diagrams for thinking, writing and communicating

Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Dr Daniel Moody

Dr Daniel Moody is Director of Ozemantics Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based information management consultancy firm and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business at the University of Twente (The Netherlands). He is recognised as one of Australia's leading experts in data modelling and data management and has an international reputation in these fields. He holds a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Melbourne and has held senior positions in some of Australia's leading corporations and consultancy firms. He has conducted consulting assignments in 12 different countries, covering a broad range of industries. He has also published over 100 scientific papers, been a keynote speaker 9 times and chaired several national and international conferences. He was the inaugural President of the Australian Data Management Association (DAMA), a former Vice-President on the DAMA International Board and is listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering. He has lived and worked in 8 different countries, speaks fluent English and can say hello, thank you and cheers in at least 10 different languages.

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