Membership Terms and Conditions

General Membership Information

  1. Membership is open to anyone who is working in, or is interested in, the field of technical communication.
  2. Student membership is open only to students who are engaged in full-time or part-time study of technical communication and related subjects. A photocopy of the student's current student identification card must be sent to the TechCommNZ Business Manager for verification when joining or renewing membership.
  3. A member may resign at any time by notifying the Membership Secretary in writing of his or her wish to do so.
  4. In the event of any member acting in a manner that is injurious to the character or interests of the Association, the National Committee shall deal with the matter according to paragraph 4.5 of the constitution.

Subscription and Joining Fee

  1. The TechCommNZ membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June the following year. The subscription fee payable is pro-rated on a monthly basis from the first of each month for new members joining during the financial year

  2. A joining fee is payable. This is a set amount regardless of when the new member joins TechCommNZ. Members who allow their subscription to lapse WILL be required to pay the joining fee if they decide to re-join.

  3. Subscriptions will be determined at the annual general meeting (see current subscription information).

  4. Any member who has not paid their membership subscription by 30th September for the financial year starting 1st July will be deemed non-financial. Non-financial members are not entitled to attend TechCommNZ events at member rates and may be required to pay a joining fee if they wish to re-join TechCommNZ at a later date.

See also the TechCommNZ payment terms and conditions.