The future of the technical communication brand with Saul Carliner

If you missed Saul Carliner in 2012, weve (kind of) brought him to Christchurch. Come to Streamliners and hear a high-quality recording of one of the stand-out keynote addresses from the October 2012 TechCommNZ conference. Yes, were recycling a presentation because its insightful, inspiring, and just as relevant now as it was 18 months ago. And therell be drinks and nibbles

On the one hand, the field of technical communication existed long before the dot com bubble and the recent economic crisis. On the other hand, both have had a profound effect on the communication industry in general, and technical and professional communication in particular. This presentation explains how and what it means moving forward.

Specifically, this presentation places the current situation of the field into a broader perspective of our history, describes the opportunity presented to technical communicators by the economic downturn and the return (we hope) to worldwide economic prosperity, identifies specific projects occurring around the globe that could reshape and strengthen the technical communication brand, and explains how unity of vision about technical communication is central to all of these efforts.

Saul Carliner

Saul Carliner is a popular speaker, author, and community volunteer. At Concordia University in Montreal, he is Director of the Education Doctoral Program and an Associate Professor of Educational Technology.

His teaching and research focus on the design of content for communication and learning for the workplace, the management of groups that produce this content, and the transfer of research results to practice.

Also a consultant, he provides strategic planning and evaluation services to organizations worldwide, including Alltel Wireless, Lowe's, ST Microelectronics, Turkish Management Centre, and several US and Canadian government agencies.

Among his 8 books are the popular technical communication text, Techniques for Technical Communicators (with past TechCommNZ keynote speaker Carol Barnum), the best-selling Training Design Basics, and the brand-new Informal Learning Basics.

He has received 5 awards for his articles in the journal Technical Communication, including 2 Best of Show awards. He serves on the boards of the Canadian Society for Training and Development and the STC Certification Commission.

He is also a past Research Fellow of the American Society for Training and Development and a Fellow and past international president of the Society for Technical Communication.

He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Minnesota, and Georgia State University.


Wednesday 14 May, 5.30pm 7.30pm
Networking (light refreshments provided) from 5.30pm. Presentation from 5.45pm.


This event will be held at Streamliners, 44 Braddon Street, Addington.


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